What Happens if the USA Shuts Down?

The USA Senate doesn’t get paid

The U.S. Senate, that has effectively bankrupted the USA has voted on one thing unanimously. They want to be paid to make more laws stealing American freedom and money. They voted, and all agreed, to begin a bill to prevent the federal government shutting down. President Barack Obomber’s signature health care law, called Affordable, but very much the opposite, is the center of an ongoing battle over funding.

The House verses the Senate

Warmongers and Tax Whores United

The Senate has started debate on a bill passed by the Republican-led House of Representatives last week that extends federal spending authority but defunds the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare.” The Democratic-controlled Senate is expected to restore Obamacare funding in coming days.

Majority Leader Harry Reid

Harry Reid urged swift action. “We have a lot to do, and we should get there as quickly as we can. Every hour that we delay here is an hour closer to shutting down the government.” Shutting down the government would drastically decrease Harry Reid’s income, while increasing the American citizens. That is not a good idea to Harry.

Ted Cruz appeases some

The Senate acted after a marathon speech by Republican Senator Ted Cruz. For nearly 22 hours, Cruz urged colleagues to block funding of the law.

“Small businesses are crying out that Obamacare is killing them, and unfortunately the United States Senate is not hearing their cries. For the millions of Americans who are facing skyrocketing health insurance premiums and the reality or the risk of losing their health insurance, the United States Senate is not hearing their cry,” he said.

Major split

Cruz voted with all other senators to begin debate. The seeming contradiction of pursuing a stalling tactic while voting to advance the legislative process can be explained by the fact that Cruz is expected to oppose proceeding to a final vote on a spending bill days from now.

Cruz’ stamina and oratory did not impress Reid.

“It has been interesting to watch. But for lack of a better way of describing this, it has been a big waste of time,” said Reid about the Cruz speech.

And Cruz’ effort was rejected by some of his Republican colleagues. Senator John McCain said voters spoke on Obamacare last year. “They spoke much to my dismay, but they spoke. And they reelected the president of the United States,” he said. As always McCain ignores the fact that the government and media deceived the public into actually believing the government might lower health care costs.

Another Republican, Senator Dan Coats, said the fight to defund Obamacare is misguided.

“Shutting down the government will not stop Obamacare. We [Republicans] do not have the votes to defeat it.”

Senator Charles Schumer

Democrats were happy to join in the criticism, among them Senator Charles Schumer, who said, “Debate Obamacare all you want. But please do not threaten to shut down the government because you cannot get your way.”

Sunday Funday!

The Senate is expected to pass a funding bill by Sunday – one day before federal spending authority expires. Then, focus will shift back to the House of Representatives, where many Republicans remain committed to defunding Obamacare.

A limited government shutdown will be averted only if both houses pass an identical spending bill.

The White House continues to defend Obamacare. Spokesman Jay Carney hailed a report showing that Americans in many states will have multiple low-cost health insurance plans to choose from when major components of the law are implemented next month.

If the government shuts down

So will:

  • USA funding of Syrian Terrorists
  • The Federal Government’s failing education oversight
  • The Federal Government’s exorbitant taxes
  • The military’s assault on freedom would stop. (Well maybe… Rep. C.W. Young, chairman of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, told the Air Force Times, “All military personnel will continue to serve and accrue pay but will not actually be paid until appropriations are available.”)
  • The Federal Government’s failing Food and Drug oversight (The USA has the highest % of morbidly obese of any nation.)
  • The federal parks will become free for visiting
  • The private sector will have to take back over many communist jobs
  • The US postal service would be privatized
  • The Bankers stealing money from the tax base would lose the exorbitant incomes they love so much
  • The imaginary debt the US government is trying to enslave it citizens with would be forgotten
  • Police Brutality will stop, otherwise they will not get paid
  • Israel’s discriminating expansion will be cut off from USA tax dollars

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