Obama, State of the Union Address

Picture of Obama Giving State of the Union Speech

Obama Giving State of the Union Speech

Beginning his speech Obama began with saying that he is ending a decade of war in Afghanistan, that car companies have rebounded, and that our dependance on foreign oil is the least in over 20 years.

He claims there is a rising, thriving middle class, but he left out the tremendous inflation we have witnessed over the last decade.

He claims the US encourages free enterprise, while increasing the regulatory hurdles that anyone trying to start a business must follow.

Over 5 minutes into the speech, he has yet to mention the 2% tax increases he placed on the poor, but he has mentioned the tax increases he placed on the rich. He will not mention the fact that today, in America, the tax rates on ALL citizens are higher than those in Britain.

He talked about cuts in spending, but has not mentioned that that the majority of the spending goes directly into the pockets of the wealthy. Whether the money guarantees the repayment of exorbitantly increasing college tuition, medical costs, or other government run enterprise.

Obama failed to mention that the United States has become a corporation where the citizens are the workers and the government is the boss.

This is not the America that children are led to believe it is. It is not a place for freedom and justice, it is a place where citizens are ruled over by a false justice system that protects the sickest and most powerful evils in the world.

President Obama has begun his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress.

The President is attempting to prod lawmakers to join him in further steps to strengthen the economy, create jobs, and support the middle class.

In what is technically his fourth State of the Union speech, the president is also discussing Afghanistan and, North Korea’s nuclear test. He delivers his remarks, aware that most Americans view the economy and unemployment as the country’s biggest problems. Obama also knows that despite political capital from his re-election victory, public dissatisfaction remains high with the failure of leaders in Washington to deal with these problems, the bank bailouts and the protection from prosecution that the bankers receive, while heros of TRUTH such as Bradley Manning rot in solitary confinement.

In a speech White House aides say began to be drafted last November, he has returned to the themes he sounded as he campaigned for re-election. He is urging Republicans and Democrats to work with him to keep the economy moving forward by strengthening and expanding the middle class, rebuilding American infrastructure, and boosting manufacturing, but he ignores how all these men and women will have to slave for a debt created by wars that protect Israel and bankers profits..

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