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Nursing Home Lawyers helping the injured.We don’t always know why abuse or neglect occurs or the best way to stop it’s spread, but we do know how we can help victims find legal counsel.

If you are concerned about possible mistreatment of elders in the hands of a nursing home, or if you or a love one has been hurt under the care of a nursing home, call the cops immediately. When you get off the phone, or during the conversation, use our contact form to obtain assistance from attorneys who specialize in nursing home neglect and abuse cases.

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Nursing Home Injury Lawsuits

Federal law and code began defining elder abuse through amendments to the Older Americans Act in 1987, but the federal definitions are only guidelines for the states. State laws, statutes, regulations, and definitions vary. Common names for nursing homes are convalescent home, skilled nursing facility, care home, rest home or intermediate care facility. They are usually the residence of those who need care, though they may often come and go from the facility.

Nursing home neglect and abuse lawyers will typically handle mistreatment occurring in facilities such as a nursing homes, assisted living facilities, group homes, board and care facilities, foster homes, and sometimes even hospitals. The abuse and neglect the attorneys typically focus on is at the hands someone with legal obligations to provide care or protection.

Abuse of the elderly affects many who have worked very hard to build this nation, and we intend to send the perpetrators of such abuse to the the USA law system for justice.

The following types of abuse and neglect are far to common to not receive our attention:

  • Physical Abuse—Inflicting OR threatening to inflict, physical pain/ injury on an elder, or deprivation of basic needs.
  • Emotional Abuse—Inflicting mental anguish, pain or distress through verbal or nonverbal acts.
  • Sexual Abuse—Non-consensual sexual contact or coercion of an elder to watch sexual behaviors.
  • Exploitation—Illegal taking, misuse, or concealment of funds, property, or assets.
  • General Neglect—Refusal/ failure to provide shelter, food, health care or protection.
  • Abandonment—Deserting those under care by those who have taken responsibility.

There are distinct types of abuse and neglect defined. More than one type of mistreatment, whether it is occurs at the same or not, is very common among cases. As an example, a bad care giver at an assisted nursing facility may exploit an elder and neglect to provide the care, food, medication, or other assistance they are legally obligated to provide.