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Why do I need a will for when I die?

If you pass away without a last will, the government determines how money and property that you own is given out. In most states the order of authority is as follows:

  • Your Spouse (Wife or Husband/ Domestic Partner)
  • Your Children
  • Your Parents
  • Your Brothers and Sisters
  • A Deceased Spouse’s Family
  • The State…

Is a Lawyer Needed?


Create Your Last Will and Testament for Free!

Complex estates will typically need the services of an attorney licensed to practice in your state of residence. Lawyers can protect your rights after you have died, and ensure that your property is distributed the way you choose. For those who cannot afford or decide not to use an attorney there are some options.

Creating Your Will and Registering It with the State

Writing a Last Will and Testament

You can write your own will, but you are at risk of missing important details the state/ court will need to determine how your assets and belongings are distributed. If you are determined to create your own will there are templates that can help.

Click this link to produce a free Last Will and Testament.

When you click that link you will be directed to site where you need to choose the state of residence. From there you will be given directions on how to create your will for the state’s specific laws and needs.

FAQs on Wills

A Will is a legal instrument that determines how property is distributed when someone dies that helps avoid disputes among family and others regarding your assets such as money, real estate or other property.

How to Create a Last Will & Testament

Determine the Testator

The testator is you! If you are creating a will for yourself.

Designate Who Gets Your Belongings, the Beneficiary

If you do NOT delegate a beneficiary, the state court system will distribute your estate among your surviving family according to the state’s specific laws.

Determine the Executor

The executor executes your Will. Depending on the terms that you decide, the executor distributes your belongings after you pass away.

Write, Review, Edit, Repeat

You can modify your will anytime before your death, but you must always sign the document according to your state’s law. An attorney can help you, but if you are choosing to write your will on your own, you may be stuck using your state’s court employees for help ensuring your will is legally correct.

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