ED Drugs and Increased Melanoma Risks

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Who knew that erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs like Viagra and Cialis are increasing your risk of melanoma cancer? There have been testing and studies done over the past 15 years with tens of thousands of men that have shown that ED drugs truly are increasing the risk of melanoma cancer in men. It’s the chemical reaction of phosphodiesterase 5A (PDG5A) in Viagra and the BRAF gene in men. Some men have a mutated BRAF gene and with this mutation the PDG5A inhibitors promote melanin synthesis, which itself may promote melanoma development. Even when the BRAF gene is not mutated the PDG5A inhibits the melanoma growth, it’s just that with the mutation it can happen quicker.

Nearly Double the Risk?

Recent Viagra users were twice more likely, at least, to be diagnosed with INVASIVE melanoma than nonusers. Those men who have fairer skin, those who smoke cigarettes, those who have had very bad sunburns in the past, those who have a family history of cancer, and those who have many moles are more at risk of getting melanoma cancer than the rest.


Are you a victim of increased melanoma risk from using Viagra (sildenafil)? Hopefully you have done your research about Viagra and melanoma before you start taking it. If you are a victim there is something you can do. You could qualify for compensation and can get back at the drug companies who are prescribing these pills. It’s not your fault that this is happening and you deserve some kind of justice.

Melanoma is Deadly

When I first read about Viagra causing melanoma I thought no way but now after doing all of this research and seeing how many lawsuits that have been won, I am convinced. This reaction that men have to the ingredient in Viagra is no joke and needs to be taken serious. Luckily there are smart professors and professionals doing studies on this drug otherwise we’d never know what was going on.

The worst kind of skin cancer?

Melanoma is one of the worst kinds of skin cancers out there and it is deadly if you don’t catch it in time. If you have any new moles or dark spots on your skin you should go get them checked out quickly because you could regret it if you don’t. There are two other kinds of skin cancers that are milder which are squamous-cell carcinoma and basal-cell carcinoma. Neither of these kinds of cancers are shown to be affected by Viagra.

Viagra Melanoma Lawsuits

There have been thousands of lawsuits against the Viagra companies so far and there’s bound to be many more. You could be one of those people who win a lawsuit against Viagra and could get all of your medical bills paid off and set your family up right. The drug companies need to stop manufacturing these drugs but they won’t because there is so much money to be made. Hopefully all the money being made will end up coming out of their pockets and back into yours to pay off your medical bills. Go get checked out and if you have any dark spots that need biopsied and you currently take Viagra then you should get in touch with an attorney to get this process started.

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