ED Drugs Linked to 107% Melanoma Increase in Men Since 1998 Launch?

A new statistical analysis not only confirms the recent 84% increase in melanoma risk published by Harvard Medical School, it uses a large sample for it’s data and it shows a 107% increase. The study also compares the effects of the sun and PDE5 inhibitor use for erectile dysfunction.

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The following information along with sources and a handy melanoma risk calculator can all be found with the new study provided as part of the viagralaw.com #HardOnViagra @viagralaw melanoma risk awareness campaign. The full study is found here: http://www.viagramelanomaattorney.com/uv-sunburn-risk-vs-erectile-dysfunction-drugs/

The following shows that Viagra and PDE5 inhibitors such as Cialis and Levitra may be responsible for a 107% increase in mens melanoma cancer rate while most major cancer institutions and the United States government place 86% of blame on the sun. The 107% figure may be a more accurate analysis than the recent JAMA article’s estimated 84% risk increase. Both figures are close, but the 107% figure considers a much larger sample than the just over 25,000 men accounted for in the Harvard Medical School/ JAMA publication.

According to the engineer’s mathematical analysis, the sun’s powerful UV rays still claim 60% of all melanoma causes. PDE5 inhibitors for erectile dysfunction make up 30% of all melanoma cases and 10% are left unknown.

The study also point out the drastic increase in males with melanoma cancer since 1998 when Phizer’s Viagra product was the first PDE5 Inhibitor approved by the FDA for erectile dysfunction. Today, Cialis has the largest market share. Some men say Cialis works better than Viagra. Lets hope it doesn’t spread cancer faster too.

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More interesting statistics are found in the study:
From 1995 to 1999 the incidence rates of melanoma among whites was 9.17 for men and 13.86 for women per 100,000. From this data we see that before erectile dysfunction drugs fully engulfed the male population, women made up 60% of melanoma cancers cases. Today, men are 55 percent more likely to die of melanoma than women according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. Also note that men now make up nearly 58% of all melanoma cases. Within a 20 year span, such a staggering jump should have been obvious to medical professionals.

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