United States of America Law Code

Picture of the USA Code

USA laws generally apply to people living in the United States and its territories abroad. The US Congress creates and passes bills that the President then signs into law. Federal judges review the laws and can veto them if they … Continue reading

Rules of the Supreme Court

Rule 1. Clerk 1. The Clerk receives documents for filing with the Court and has authority to reject any submitted filing that does not comply with these Rules. 2. The Clerk maintains the Court’s records and will not permit any … Continue reading

April 2013 Supreme Court Review

 Opinions of the Court for April 2013 R- Date Docket Name J. Pt. 40 4/29/13 11-9953 Boyer v. Louisiana PC 569/1 39 4/29/13 12-17 McBurney v. Young A 569/1 38 4/23/13 11-702 Moncrieffe v. Holder SS 569/1 37 4/17/13 11-1425 … Continue reading