ED Drugs and Increased Melanoma Risks

ViagraLaw.com Image shows sunburn vs. viagra melanoma risks.

Who knew that erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs like Viagra and Cialis are increasing your risk of melanoma cancer? There have been testing and studies done over the past 15 years with tens of thousands of men that have shown that … Continue reading

Treating the Rising Melanoma Cancer in Men

United States Map Showing Melanoma Incidence Rates

We have attorneys ready to help you! Fill out the form for a confidential, free consultation or,Call Now! (800) 251-0497 Men’s melanoma risks have skyrocketed since the erectile dysfunction drugs were introduced to the market. If you or a loved … Continue reading

Viagra Cancer Killing Men?

United States Map Showing Melanoma Incidence Rates

Viagra Shown by Harvard Study to Raise Melanoma Risks 84% Higher Melanoma Risks? Sunburn or Viagra? Twenty years ago the number of women with melanoma skin cancer greatly exceeded that of men. There were around 60% more women with the … Continue reading