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Nelson Cuba, police officer with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and president of the Fraternal Order of Police in Jacksonville FL taken into custody as part of a federal racketeering investigation. Lt. Governor, Jennifer Carroll abruptly resigns.

Operation Reveal the Deal-
arrests as of 3/13/2012 at 1:00pm

Charlie Crist

Combining greed, power and citizen emotion for believing in taking care of injured veterans, top law enforcement officials in Florida have been taken into custody for what is unfolding into a 300 Million dollar scam to steal from wounded vets. Republican Florida Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll may soon be joining them after recently resigning from her position as the Lieutenant Governor. Very little is being heard from Rick Scott, Florida Governor.

Using Florida’s recent and very controversial introduction to “internet cafes” or “slot machines” let us look at the Republican governments amazing handling of what they call an “abomination” or otherwise known as gambling.

A three year investigation ended this week with the arrests of roughly 50 people, including law enforcement officers and a Jacksonville attorney on hundreds of charges ranging from racketeering to money laundering. In total, 57 people were charged in “Operation Reveal the Deal.”

Also detained were Kelly Michael Davis, secretary for Allied; and Robbie Freitas, first vice president of the FOP. Others who operated the centers were also arrested.”  Cynthia Veintemillas, Jacksonville Attorney, reported that 57 people are being charged “for a $300 million racketeering and money laundering scheme orchestrated by the ‘internet café’ organization Allied Veterans of the World.”  This “operation masqueraded as a charity and defrauded veterans with less than two percent of profits going to charities. The investigation spanned 23 Florida counties and six states.”

Cuba has been all over the local news in Jacksonville, but he is not listed as one of the masterminds.  The Florida Times Union further reported:

“Authorities said four co-conspirators received more than $90 million from the internet cafes: Kelly Mathis, 49, of Jacksonville, Jerry Bass, 62, of Jacksonville, Johnny Duncan, 62 of Boiling Springs, S.C., and Chase Burns, 37, of Fort Cobb, Oklahoma.  Mathis, an attorney who represents Allied Veterans, was described by officials as the operation’s ‘mastermind.’ Authorities said Mathis profited $7 million from the scheme.”

Florida is also one of the states with Private Prisons, that as people begin to wake up to the atrocities of mixing greed for profits with justice, may soon throw more in jail for similar charges. Private prisons typically favor those with prior law enforcement history.

This video is from Allied Veterans

A search on, the USA “Official” Government News source doesn’t mention this story, but is only currently focused on another abomination. The newest Pope has been “elected.”

The following is from Allied Veterans.

Allied Veterans of the World, Inc. & Affiliates is a nonprofit organization that helps fellow veterans in need. Since 1979, we’ve contributed time, money and support services to veterans and first-responder organizations across the country.

The assistance we provide is an opportunity for us to give back to veterans who have already given so much by serving our country. Our contributions to Veterans Administration hospitals and clinics allow veterans to get the proper support they deserve. We take pride in the fact that our services enable veterans to help veterans.

According to the Florida governor, Rick Scott’s chief of staff, Adam Hollingsworth, the Florida Lt. Governor’s resignation was spurred by a federal investigation into Allied Veterans of the World, a company that runs Internet cafes.

“Individuals were arrested [Tuesday] for racketeering and money laundering charges in connection with Allied Veterans of the World’s illegal gambling companies,” stated Hollingsworth, Wednesday.

“Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll consulted for Allied Veterans while serving as a member of the Florida House of Representatives in 2009 and 2010. She was interviewed by Florida Department of Law Enforcement officers [Tuesday] regarding her work with the company. Lt. Gov. Carroll resigned in an effort to keep her former affiliation with the company from distracting from the administration’s important work on behalf of Florida families. She made the right decision for the state and her family.”

Officers from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement interviewed Carroll on Tuesday about her alleged ties to Allied Veterans of the World. Her ties to the company were first questioned when she served in the Florida Legislature and proposed a bill that would benefit Internet cafes.


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