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2012 USA President | #Truth | #Unity | #Occupy | #Anonymous

This years winner of the USA president election is nobody other than the #Truth, through the unity of men and women all over the world. Through Anonymous, Occupy and even some libertarians now jumping into the ever growing crowd… A crowd that ignores Barack Obama and Mitt Romney and the rigged elections.

This 2012 election marks the 57th time we “Americans” have gone to the polls to elect a president of the United States. Of the 57 occasions, however, only rarely have elections occurred during times of revolution. So what options do we have?

Thank you to Barack Obama (Obomber, for your RedCoats) and Schmitt Mitt Romney for their participation in the 2012 election of USA President of babbling bobbleheads. We, at usalawyer.org look forward to 4 more years of being told lies to support our further conquests across the world into the Middle East.

We are sure the British appreciate our strong support for the wars they also lead, and this election cycle we the people, again were left without a choice. While Obama flat out lied to us in 2008 saying he would end the wars, this 2012 election cycle was different with neither Obama or Romney talking about ending any wars, but rather they both are promoting more war.  More conquests. And more murder on the hands of those who vote for them.

Israel and Palestine may get interesting quick, as we have all heard Obama’s whispers of “when the 2012 elections are over.”

How much more money will Barack Obama print these next 4 years Barack Obama, cause…. Stay tuned for more!!!

Barack Obama wins the 2012 USA Presidential Elections !!!.

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